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Pakistan's first Halaal and ISO Certified
Water Treatment Chemical Company.

The leading supplier of industrial water treatment chemicals in Pakistan.

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Chemical Synergies Limited

The Chemical Specialists

Chemical Synergies (CSL) has the quality products you need at competitive prices with after-sales technical services.

We have been serving Pakistan's specialty chemicals market since 1980 and take pride in our reputation as a leading specialty chemicals supplier and specialty chemicals manufacturer. We are the leading supplier of industrial water treatment chemicals and industrial water treatment services in Pakistan.

Our headquarters are in Karachi with regional offices in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and Haripur.

We are Pakistan's first Halaal and ISO certified water treatment company.

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About Us

Founded in 1980,  we began marketing our own brand and developed as an independent National Water Treatment company.

Chemical Synergies has grown into the largest national water treatment company in Pakistan and has diversified into a wider selection of specialty chemicals.

Our manufacturing capacity is 1,500 tons on single shift basis.

Our clientele include oil refineries, fertilizer, polyester, cement, power, petrochemical and textile plants.

We are based out of Karachi and have regional offices in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and Haripur.

As an industry leading Specialty Chemical Supplier, we supply a range of quality products at competitive prices with after-sales technical support.

CSL has Pakistan's largest network of service engineers to provide water treatment solutions and we are supported by our international consultants and suppliers.

We provide solutions for cooling towers, boilers, RO plants, and influent-effluent treatment.

We also provide solutions for the steel sector for passivation, pickling, rinsing, and galvanizing.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for the production and sales of chemicals.

A few of our goals is to provide our clients with:

  • Decreased operating costs and fuel costs

  • Reduced water footprints

  • Reduced downtimes

  • Improved system reliability and performance

  • One stop entity for all of your water treatment needs

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Our selection of quality products along with our services is what we are known for. We offer a wide variety of options that will suit each clients' requirements. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

Cooling Tower

Our cooling tower water treatment chemicals are tailor-made to protect your systems while increasing efficiency, so that you can reduce operating costs.

CSL treatment for cooling towers include:

  • Scale prevention/deposit control

  • Corrosion control

  • Microbiological control​

Open recirculation systems that are effectively treated keep your equipment operating for longer periods and more efficiently, maintaining peak levels of production. CSL has the products and services to ensure deposit control, scale control, corrosion control and microbiological growth.

Closed loop systems which require corrosion and biological control. CSL's complete line of treatment products allow your closed loop cooling systems to operate efficiently.


Maintaining a reliable system while keeping your equipment safe and lowering your operating costs is what we envisage for you. With our assistance you get effective boiler chemical treatments, quality services, as well as solutions specifically designed for your system.

With over 39 years of experience in this field, CSL combines its efforts with you to obtain solutions for your most pressing concerns.

Feed water treatment chemicals reduce corrosion and scavenge oxygen in the feed water process, in order to protect your equipment from unscheduled downtimes and unnecessary damages. Such treatment minimizes the amount of metal oxides entering the boiler. Therefore, maintaining clean boiler tube surfaces and improving fuel efficiency.

Boiler internal treatment chemicals keep the boiler tube surfaces clean and reduce corrosion, lowering the probability of overheating. Controlling deposition and corrosion raises plant reliability and availability, protects equipment, and minimizes fuel and maintenance costs. Anti-foamers can also reduce the boiler water to carry over to the steam, therefore keeping your superheaters and steam turbines away from potential damage.

Fuel treatment chemicals are capable of reducing deposition and slagging and can improve combustion. Equipment can be protected from the failure caused by corrosion, fuel efficiency is gained and maintenance costs can be minimized. Fuel additives can assist in attaining important environmental regulations. It all depends on the type of fuel and the objective in mind.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Our reverse osmosis chemicals improve performance of your membranes.

Impurities that compound on the membrane surface during operations can hinder the RO membrane's performance. Such impurities might account for suspended solids, microorganisms and mineral scale, causing a loss in output and/or rejection levels and negatively impact total system performance.

CSL offers a large range of treatment chemicals to help you improve the performance of your RO membranes.

Coagulants and Flocculants from CSL can improve pre-filtration efficiency and assist in increasing productivity in membrane systems for RO feed water.

Anti-scalants and pretreatment chemicals from are designed to get rid of scale and prevent fouling in membrane systems, no matter the feed water source.

Dechlorination products by CSL include a simple, ready to use product for potable applications.

Cleaning chemicals will provide your membrane the service it needs to maintain its effectiveness and productivity. CSL can provide cleaning chemicals to obtain the most effective results.

Microbiological control chemicals will allow for effective control of bacterial growth and slime.

In addition to our range of water treatment chemicals we provide top quality technical services. ​

  • Water analysis

  • Technical field support

  • System troubleshooting


CSL offers the most advanced and complete line of treatments for wastewater. Our treatments, using speciality chemicals, remove pollutants, reduce sludge handling and disposal costs, improve effluent quality, promote recycling and water saving. With our specially trained on-site chemical engineers we can help you overcome a range of challenges through:

Clarification is the process in which contaminants are removed from incoming water to make it suitable for potable or industrial uses, or from expelled water to agree with regulatory compliances concerning discharge or reuse.

CSL provides influent water treatment chemicals that remove organic color, calcium and magnesium hardness, iron and suspended solids by applying specifically-tailored blends for each unique application. Thus, in turn, improving boiler and cooling tower efficiency, performance of scale inhibitors and process operations and lead to cleaner, clearer drinking water.

We also provide the necessary resources to make effluent/wastewater acceptable for reuse or discharge. Our treatment improves the effluent clarity in primary clarifiers and speeds up the settling of suspended biological solids in secondary clarifiers. Treatment also helps to reduce the volume and moisture levels of sludge.

Metals removal in waste streams can be minimized by using CSL's specialty treatment chemicals. No matter, the metals (lead, copper, chromium, nickel, iron, or manganese) you use or produce, CSL treatment can provide the right tools to manage the wastewater.

Odor control can be sustained using CSL's range of advance products for cost-effective odor control in water processing. This can be applied to areas, such as membrane filtration, ozone treatment systems, and objectionable odors (hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan).

Steel Sector

At CSL we have developed a niche for supplying products for the steel industry during the production, rolling and storage process. 

The products we supply range from:

  • Antifoams

  • Passivation

  • Rinsing

  • Pickling Inhibitors

  • Galvanizing


Mainly supplied for purposes of treating wastewater, especially useful for treating water from textile dyeing processes.

Lab Reagents

This is your Product Description. Use this space to describe this product in more detail.


The ideal universal multi-purpose disinfectant for General Industry, Process, Food and Water (incl. Pools) sectors. 

Disinfection of factories, offices, shopping malls, indoor spaces and outdoor areas; Cleaning surfaces to be germs and virus free; Preventing fungi and fungal growth.

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Not only are we your water treatment chemicals supplier.

Technical Services is the backbone of the company and is a major component of our continued success.

Along with our own desire to maintain high standards we are committed under the Quality Policy to provide Customer satisfaction, Quality products, continuous Training of personnel and excellence in Technical Service.

Technical Services are provided nationwide by our All-Star team of Sales / Service Engineers.

Our “Total Service Management” program includes:

  • Assistance & analysis by Service Engineers at site

  • Corrosion Monitoring & Dip Slide Counts

  • Providing “SynoDose” automatic dosing & monitoring

  • Training of clients’ engineers

  • Inspections of plant on shutdowns

  • Technical field support

  • System trouble shooting

  • Comprehensive reports on a regular basis by Service engineers

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Bureau Veritas Certification
ISO 9001:2015

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Halal Certification

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Contact Us

Get in touch with us today.
Our business hours are M-F: 9am-6pm.

68-B, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society (SMCHS), Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 74400, Pakistan

+92 21 34315646

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